Drzwi przesuwne tarasowe

Sliding patio doors

Modern and elegant solutions for single-family housing.

systemy fasadowe

Facade systems

Robust and stylish facade systems for commercial premises and business.

okna aluminiowe

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows that meet passive house standards.

Drzwi przesuwne tarasowe

sliding terraces

okna aluminiowe


drzwi aluminiowe


ogrody ziomowe


systemy fasadowe


systemy zadaszeń


How do we operate?

Pell Plast is an aluminum joinery company, specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of windows, doors, facades and other aluminum components. The company can have both standard solutions and customized products to meet individual customer needs and requirements. In the production process, the company uses state-of-the-art technology and materials, which ensures high quality and durability of the products. Thanks to its experienced staff and individual approach to customers, the company can offer comprehensive solutions, from design to installation and after-sales service.



The customer reports his requirements and expectations from the product or service. The project team develops the project with the client’s requirements in mind. The project may include planning, design, verification and final project documentation. Once the project is completed, the project team submits documentation and production plans to the production department.

zespół projektowy
produkcja okien i drzwi aluminiowych


The production department is made up of skilled workers, and has a modern fleet of machinery and production tools. Based on the design documentation, the production team proceeds to produce the product or service. The manufacturing process can include cutting, machining, milling, welding, soldering, painting, testing and packaging.


Woodwork installation

Depending on the product or service, assembly may include assembling, installing, connecting. Regardless of the type of product, always the final stage of installation is the positioning and adjustment of the woodwork. Once the assembly process is complete, the product or service is transferred to the customer.

montaż stolarki okiennej

We use the best quality materials for production.

We only work with reputable system suppliers, so we can deliver the highest quality products.

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    Why bet on aluminum joinery?

    • Durability: Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, which means aluminum joinery is durable and weatherproof.
    • Mechanical strength: Aluminum is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials, which means that aluminum joinery is resistant to mechanical loads.
    • Ease of maintenance: Aluminum is easy to clean and does not require painting or waterproofing, which can significantly reduce maintenance costs.
    • Customizable: Aluminum is easy to shape and can be painted in many colors to create custom solutions.
    • Modern Appearance: Aluminum joinery has a modern look that fits many architectural styles.
    • Thermal properties: thanks to the use of special profiles and technical solutions, aluminum joinery can be produced with improved thermal properties, which allows to minimize heat loss and save on heating costs.
    Dlaczego warto postawić na stolarkę aluminiową

    Manufacturer of aluminum joinery

    Aluminum joinery is among the most widely used solutions in modern construction, whether for residential buildings, commercial and retail facilities or office buildings. Aluminum structures allow for a wide variety of projects, from windows and doors to conservatories and facade systems, each with a high level of durability and aesthetics. So Pell Plast’s specialty is the manufacture of aluminum joinery. We are engaged in the design of various structures, their preparation and then professional installation in cooperation with general contractors of various construction projects.

    Proven manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows in the province. kujawsko-pomorskie

    Our company, based in Toruń, is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of aluminum joinery. We are a manufacturer of aluminum windows, as well as doors, which are characterized by many years of durability, resistance to various factors, including corrosion, excellent acoustic and thermal insulation parameters, in addition to meeting a variety of requirements in terms of aesthetics. Among our proposals for aluminum joinery you can also find sliding terrace doors, and all constructions are made using elements supplied by the most respected manufacturers – ALUPROF and YAWAL.

    Doors, windows, facades, canopies, conservatories – aluminum joinery from Pell Plast

    As a manufacturer of aluminum doors, windows and other types of window joinery, we undertake cooperation in diversified constructions, both simple and complex, designed for state-of-the-art large-scale facilities. For this reason, our offer also includes the design, as well as the construction of conservatories that provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the preparation of various types of facade systems. In addition, among Pell Plast’s services you can also find the production of glass canopies installed over the entrance doors to various buildings.

    Production of widely understood aluminum joinery at the highest level

    We are committed to the complete satisfaction of our partners, which is why we ensure not only the highest quality, reliability, aesthetics and excellent energy-saving parameters of our projects. We also take care of timely execution of orders, as well as matching the proposals presented to the individual requirements of a specific investment. Combined with a wealth of experience in the market, cooperation with us as an aluminum joinery manufacturer is sure to be rewarding. You are welcome!