Door systems

Modern and stylish aluminum doors for various purposes.


FrontDoor Series

drzwi aluminiowe na wymiar

Filling panel thickness: 22 – 95 mm.


Air permeability: Class 4, EN 12207:2001.


Waterproof: from Class E900 (900 Pa),
PN-EN 12208:2001.


RC2 burglary class.


Thermal insulation of Ud from 0.63W/m2K.


Possibility of using hidden hinges.


Sash panel faced with the door frame.


InsideDoor Series

drzwi tarasowe aluminiowe

Aluprof MB 45 system.


Frame depth 45mm.


Glazing thickness of 1.5-32mm.


Maximum weight of the door leaf 120kg.


Ideal solutions for indoor needs.


EcoDoor series

drzwi aluminiowe Toruń

Aluprof MB 79N System.


Profiles with a depth of 79 mm (window sash) and 70 mm (frame and door leaf).


Thermal insulation: Uw from 0.64 W/(m2K), Uf from 0.83 W/(m2K).


The door leaf profiles have an expansion joint, which eliminates thermal stresses during operation.


A large selection of handles from different style series, including handles with a visible rosette or rosetteless, minimalist design.


Advantages of aluminum doors:

  • DURABILITY AND DURABILITY: Aluminum doors are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion and weather conditions, so they can last for many years.
  • Fire resistance: aluminum doors are non-combustible, which is important for safety in case of fire.
  • Aesthetics: Aluminum doors are available in a variety of colors and designs, making them easy to match any architectural style.
  • Easy to clean: Aluminum doors are easy to clean and require no special maintenance.
  • Security: Aluminum doors are equipped with many security features, such as multi-point locks and insulated glass.
  • Energy Efficient: Aluminum doors are thermally insulated to reduce heat loss, leading to savings on heating costs.
  • Ecology: aluminum doors are fully recyclable, which is important from an environmental point of view.

What does warm installation consist of?

Warm installation is a special method of window installation that avoids thermal bridges, i.e. places where heat loss occurs. In traditional window installation, often used in the past, windows were installed with metal anchors that connected the window to the hole in the wall. This created thermal bridges, through which heat was lost from the room to the outside, and outside air flowed into the interior.

In warm window installation, instead of metal anchors, special thermal insulation profiles are used to prevent thermal bridges. In this case, the window is mounted on a special adhesive that increases thermal insulation, and then the gaps between the window and the opening in the wall are sealed with special foam. Thanks to this, the window is tightly fixed, there is no possibility of drafts or air leaks, and thermal insulation is at a very high level.

Warm window installation is more complicated and expensive than traditional installation, but it saves energy and reduces heating costs in the long run.

Aluminum doors – Torun

Above-average quality, modern design, and on top of that, excellent durability parameters – these are just some of the advantages of the door joinery solutions we offer. We rely on Aluprof products that are reliable and known for their exceptional performance. As a result, we are ultimately able to offer timeless and durable door joinery created on the basis of proven system solutions. Importantly, we make aluminum doors to size, making us capable of meeting the expectations of almost any project.

Why take up cooperation with Pell Plast?

An unquestionable advantage that sets us apart from the competition is our professional after-sales service. Comprehensive customer service is a key part of our business, so in addition to carrying out our duties in a timely manner, we also strive to support customers after purchase and installation by providing maintenance services. We meet the deadlines for sending quotations, and, importantly, we are flexible, able to adapt solutions to customers’ current needs. Thus, cooperation with Pell Plast means not only comprehensive support at every stage, but also high-quality door joinery, including aluminum folding doors or terrace doors.

Given the fact that we operate in the field of construction projects, we highly value meeting established deadlines. We know how many tasks require excellent coordination, hence we deliver customized aluminum doors on schedule. All this makes us an indispensable partner in B2B relations.

Timeless patio doors

The aluminum proposals we create, based on Aluprof components and solutions, are high-quality door joinery that will be perfect for both multi-family residential buildings and office buildings. What are the advantages of customized aluminum doors? First of all, above-average strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency, ease of cleaning, and on top of that, the possibility of using a number of security solutions (such as multi-point locks). We encourage you to take a look at the whole offer and start a long-term cooperation!