Winter gardens

Our team will be happy to help you furnish your dream aluminum conservatory!

Advantages of having a conservatory:

An aluminum conservatory is a spacious and bright space that can serve as a living room, dining room, guest room or recreational space all year round. The aluminum construction not only gives durability and stability, but also allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Winter gardens made of aluminum are the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy the beauty of their garden all year round. They allow you to enjoy the landscape, plants and flowers in comfort even in difficult weather conditions.

The roof is covered with tempered or laminated glass, which provides thermal and acoustic insulation.

Aluminum is a material that is not only characterized by high strength, but also by an elegant appearance. This makes aluminum conservatories not only a practical solution, but also a decorative element that will blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

What does warm installation consist of?

Warm installation is a special method of window installation that avoids thermal bridges, i.e. places where heat loss occurs. In traditional window installation, often used in the past, windows were installed with metal anchors that connected the window to the hole in the wall. This created thermal bridges, through which heat was lost from the room to the outside, and outside air flowed into the interior.

In warm window installation, instead of metal anchors, special thermal insulation profiles are used to prevent thermal bridges. In this case, the window is mounted on a special adhesive that increases thermal insulation, and then the gaps between the window and the opening in the wall are sealed with special foam. Thanks to this, the window is tightly fixed, there is no possibility of drafts or air leaks, and thermal insulation is at a very high level.

Warm window installation is more complicated and expensive than traditional installation, but it saves energy and reduces heating costs in the long run.