Roofing systems

Stylish glass canopies for weather protection.


Glass canopies over the front door are a solution that has many advantages.
Here are some of them:

  • Weather protection: Glass canopies over the front door provide protection from rain, snow and other weather conditions, which protects the door and floor from dirt and damage.
  • UV protection: Glass canopies over the front door protect against harmful UV rays that can affect the durability of door materials.
  • Aesthetics: glass canopies over the front door look very elegant and modern, which can affect the aesthetics of the entire building.
  • Optimum illumination: Glass canopies allow additional natural light to enter the room, which can affect the comfort of the room.

Glass canopies over front doors – production and installation

At Pell Plast, we always ensure the highest standards of production, as well as installation of glass canopies. We are well aware of how important time is for our customers, so we prepare the quotation and the construction elements ordered to size in a timely manner, after which we carry out the installation work on the appointed date. Thanks to the fact that we also guarantee after-sales service, we stand out from the competition and cooperate with many construction companies. For example, we had the pleasure of installing storefronts, including glass canopies over the doors of the Cooperative Bank or the mullion and transom facade at the new headquarters of the ICEWIND brand in Grębocin. If you are interested, we invite you to see our other projects!

Elegant as well as practical customized glass canopies

The Pell Plast team consists of experienced, qualified specialists who make every effort to ensure that the structures installed with the utmost care. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, our glass canopies not only impress with their aesthetic appearance, but also guarantee durability and safety from the harmful effects of the weather for years. In addition, the proposed roofing systems are universal, which means that they fit almost any facade, and in addition, they will successfully work over the entrance, which is equipped with both wooden and glass doors. We especially encourage owners of finishing and construction companies, as well as architects involved in the design of facades of new buildings or the modernization of existing buildings to learn more about our offer on canopies.

Pell Plast – partner in finishing buildings

We specialize in the design, manufacture to size and installation of structures, which are glass canopies over the entrance. They look striking on the facades of many buildings, including but not limited to:

  • single-family homes,
  • banks,
  • health clinics,
  • restaurants,
  • stores and markets,
  • hotels,
  • public institutions, including schools or kindergartens,
  • office buildings.

The described roofing systems are tailored to the requirements and needs of customers, so we can boast a wide range of satisfied contractors. However, we stand out not only for our personalized service and commitment to each project, but also for our flexible approach. This means that we provide prepared offers in a timely manner, and offer more than one solution if necessary. To place an order for customized glass canopies , feel freeto contact us!