Sliding patio doors

An increasingly popular choice among customers.



drzwi tarasowe uchylno przesuwne

The proven Aluprof 77 HS system.


Class 4 air permeability.


Insulation coefficient of up to 0.84 W/m2K.


Class 9A waterproofing.


Resistance to wind load – C4.


Sturdy and slender profiles allow the construction of low-threshold doors with leaf weights of up to 600 kg, heights of up to 3.24 m and widths of up to 3.3 m.


The frames are available in two versions:
2-rail and 3-rail.



okna przesuwne tarasowe

Aluprof MB-86 FOLD LINE HD System.


Three-chambered, heavy-duty aluminum sections with a design depth: 86 mm for frames and 77 mm for door leaves.


Large permissible dimensions of the structure, allowing the construction of doors with leaf heights of up to 3000 mm and widths of 700 to 1200 mm.


The largest number of threshold solutions, among others. With a swing seal or convenient to use – with a concealed threshold.



drzwi hst

The door frame built into the walls, floor and ceiling.


Maximum wing weight of 1200kg.


Maximum door height: 4 m.


Width of the post at the junction of the wings: 25mm.


Innovative compensation profile to offset the effects of ceiling deflection.


Sliding patio doors- advantages:

  • Easy access to the terrace or garden: sliding patio doors provide easy and quick access to the terrace or garden, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without unnecessary hassle.
  • Greater sense of space: sliding patio doors allow much more natural light to enter the room, making the interior appear more spacious and cozy.
  • Functionality: sliding patio doors allow you to open the entire width of the opening, which increases the functionality of the room and allows you to use the space more freely.
  • Protection from noise and pollution: Sliding patio doors provide effective sound and thermal insulation, as well as protection from outside pollution.
  • Ease of use: sliding patio doors are easy to use, allowing them to open and close freely without the need for much force or skill.
  • Aesthetics: sliding patio doors have a modern and elegant design that allows you to create a stylish and modern interior.
  • Space-saving: sliding patio doors do not take up space outside, allowing you to use your terrace or garden freely, and do not interfere with the design of the room.

What does warm installation consist of?

Warm installation is a special method of window installation that avoids thermal bridges, i.e. places where heat loss occurs. In traditional window installation, often used in the past, windows were installed with metal anchors that connected the window to the hole in the wall. This created thermal bridges, through which heat was lost from the room to the outside, and outside air flowed into the interior.

In warm window installation, instead of metal anchors, special thermal insulation profiles are used to prevent thermal bridges. In this case, the window is mounted on a special adhesive that increases thermal insulation, and then the gaps between the window and the opening in the wall are sealed with special foam. Thanks to this, the window is tightly fixed, there is no possibility of drafts or air leaks, and thermal insulation is at a very high level.

Warm window installation is more complicated and expensive than traditional installation, but it saves energy and reduces heating costs in the long run.

HST patio doors

Although classic sliding patio windows are constantly popular, more and more people are opting for more modern woodwork that offers an even wider range of amenities. One such solution is HST doors, which allow for better interior natural light from the sun thanks to the possibility of using larger glass panes. The mechanism is characterized by several important features:

  • fixed and movable wings. HST terrace doors consist of two wings – fixed and movable. The fixed sash stays in place, while the movable sash can be freely opened and closed;
  • lifting and moving. To open an HST door, the handle is lifted, which causes the moving sash to be gently raised. The movable wing can then be moved freely, hiding it behind the fixed wing. This makes it possible to create a wide opening, connecting the interior with the terrace, similar to PSK doors (these are tilt-and-slide patio doors);
  • optimal use of space. The HST mechanism saves space both indoors and outdoors, as the movable sash slides along the fixed sash without taking up additional space across or outdoors;
  • aesthetic and functional properties. HST patio doors are popular for their sleek, modern, minimalist appearance, as well as their easy operation. They allow a seamless transition between the interior and the terrace, while providing access to natural light in the living room.

Sliding terrace windows

Whether you opt for tilt-and-slide patio doors or perhaps the HST variant with sliding and lifting sashes, you can count on our comprehensive support. Pell Plast specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of aluminum joinery, including terrace sliding windows. We will make sure that we take accurate measurements and make doors that meet the highest quality requirements. Finally, during the installation work, we will take care of the precise positioning and adjustment of the door so that it can be used comfortably for many long years. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the proposed solutions and contact us to discuss the details of the project.