Aluminum joinery, what are the modern trends?

In recent years, style trends in aluminum joinery have focused on minimalism, simplicity and elegance. Popular styles include:
1. modern style – characterized by simple lines, minimalist aesthetics and large glazings that allow maximum use of natural light. This style often uses aluminum profiles with a low U-value to save energy.
2. industrial style – characterized by austerity and minimalist character. Large section aluminum profiles are often used in this style, which emphasizes the industrial character of windows and doors.
3. Scandinavian style – characterized by simplicity, functionality and natural materials. This style often uses aluminum profiles in white or light woodgrain shades, which fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style.
4. classical style – characterized by an elegant and stylish finish. This style often uses bronze or gold-colored aluminum profiles, which blend in perfectly with traditional building facades.
5. minimalist style – characterized by simplicity, geometric shapes and monochromatic colors. This style often uses aluminum profiles in black or gray, which fit perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic.